Our Services

MYST Therapies provides the following services...

Myotherapy Myotherapy

Myotherapy is a branch of manual therapy that focuses on the treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction

Remedial massage Remedial massage

Remedial massage is the systematic assessment and treatment of muscles to assist in pain and injury management

Corporate massage Corporate massage

Corporate massage focuses on areas of tension caused by specific work-related tasks. Massages are provided for employees at the workplace

Corporate yoga Corporate yoga

Corporate yoga focuses on specific yoga postures to help relieve areas of tension caused by work-related tasks. Classes are provided for employees at the workplace

Stretch therapy Stretch therapy

Stretch therapy is a comprehensive method that includes various techniques to help achieve flexibility and ease within the body

Senior exercise Senior exercise

Senior exercise programs focus on fall prevention, strength and mobility to help keep functional independence and allow continuation of daily activities

Sports teams and Corporate services Sports teams and Corporate services

We specialise in sports teams and corporate services contracts

Mobile service Mobile service

All treatments and services are mobile – we come to you and bring all equipment

Health fund rebates Health fund rebates

Health fund rebates available

Brittany Thomas – Owner and Founder

Brittany is a fully-qualified myotherapist, as well as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, with experience in several sub-specialty areas.  Working in the fitness and health sector for more than 8 years, Brittany is strongly motivated to continue her learning and keep her knowledge up-to-date.

With a passion for health and wellbeing and a strong dedication to helping people – Brittany’s vision is to provide exceptional manual therapy, yoga, stretch therapy and training for every client – helping them function, move and feel better.

Brittany’s Qualifications

  • BSc (musculoskeletal therapy)
  • Dip fitness
  • Dip massage
  • Certified Yoga teacher
  • Sub specialties – exercise coach (Paul Chek), kettle bell trainer, stretch therapy teacher, punchfit boxing instructor

All MYST therapists are fully-qualified and come highly recommended

What our clients say about us...

Following a foot fracture I was placed in a boot for 6 weeks. Once the boot came off I was very surprised at the loss of mobility / strength in my foot and ankle. I have been receiving Myotherapy from MYST therapies for the last few months for this injury and with a lot of hard work I now have my range of motion, balance and strength back! MYST therapies have been ideal for me with their mobile service because I was unable to drive during this time. Would highly recommend!

- Samantha Taylor

“Brittany’s Stretch therapy class is relaxing and friendly. Her personal approach and expertise will cater to any muscular issues or injuries… Brittany instructs extremely well so you can concentrate on the stretch and know you are doing the posture correctly”

- Rhonda Hodgins

“As a bit of a regular gym junkie I have found that since I started getting a regular weekly massage from MYST my stress levels have reduced massively and my recovery time has improved out of sight. Without wanting to sound too hyped, MYST have proven themselves to be an ‘exceptional mobile massage’ service – highly recommended!”

- Katie Boyd

“I have a massage with MYST about once a month. I always enjoy my massage and haven’t felt this good in a long time. I highly recommend MYST!”

- James Carlton

“Brittany is an exceptional Myotherapist. She is highly professional and really knows her stuff. I have seen many others before and as a physiotherapist I can honestly say she is one of the best!”

- David Blackburn

“Brittany is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable. She provides much more than a service, more of an experience… I would highly recommend Brittany for all of your therapy needs”

- Jade Boland

“I have been receiving deep-tissue treatment massages from Brittany for the past year and have never felt better.  I train 6 days a week and suffer from extremely tight leg muscles. I would recommend Brittany for a variety of reasons; her depth of knowledge of the body and muscle groups is outstanding, along with her professional and on-time service in the comfort of your home is very relaxing”

- Christi Wood

“I have been seeing Brittany monthly for this last year. Brittany provided a comprehensive overview of my physical status. From there she has tailored her massage to provide the best outcome. I am totally satisfied with Brittany’s Myotherapy and would highly recommend her to others”

- Andrew Richardson

“My partner and I have been seeing Brittany weekly for over 2 years. We both have shoulder problems and I suffer from sciatica. I have not had any major attacks since Brittany starting treating us and life is much more enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend her services as not only does she know what to do, but she also is very passionate and loves her job”

- Adriana Rosko